July 9, 2012

Pre-Order : Exclusive Hamper Raya

Salam everyone,

With Ramadhan closing in, we at Ramekins Homebakery are opening pre-orders for Exclusive Hari Raya Hampers for you to choose. These hampers are our effort in sharing our happiness with family & friends and also the needy.

Place your order through our email Ramekins Homebakery, stating the code and the quantity. Payment could be made online, once your orders are confirmed. A 50% deposit is needed prior confirming orders. Payments instructions and invoice will be emailed once the deal is closed.

Pre-order is open from 11 July 2012 till 10 August 2012.

EX 001

EX 002

EX 003

EX 004

EX 005

EX 006

July 5, 2012

Hello Kitty Cake

Cute eh! Say hello to Kitty! Hello Kitty!

Do you fancy cookies??


Hmm..this kind of fancy cookies makes me nuts! Running up and down searching for the T-Shirt shape cookie cutter..couldn't find one, so what should I do??? Time is closing in...oh! my!..suddenly an evil idea come out of my mind...so I get my pliers, kadussshhh! one baby romper shape cutter sacrificed into a T-shirts sahpe cutter..ahaaa! That saved my day..lallalaaa...so people anjoy the cookies! T-SHIRT SHAPED!


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