October 18, 2012


Last few weeks my Facebook wall was flooded with this yellow cushy thingy....the DURIAN CREPE, curious to know, I searched everywhere including google, blog etc. Wow! what a fenomena! Got my friends to find me a good sifoo to teach me how to make this phenomenal crepe that everyone is talking about...

Yeah! I managed to have a class with Mrs Zuraini Mamat (a kuih talam master), two days after..I was like being hit by a tsunami..non-stop orders coming in for the DURIAN CREPE! For all my customers, hope you all enjoy my DC...scrumptous and yummilicious ya!

My durian crepe is made of 5 types of flour (does not use wheat flour), special custrad cream (not plain fresh cream, ok!) and fresh durian flesh (though now is not durian season, I managed to get plenty of it..Alhamdulillah..). This soft-icecream like fillings mix well with the durian and you'll feel like eating the real durian...(all disclaimers saying that the crepe is only made of wheat flour and santan like a 'ketayap' batter, sorry to say that it's beyond what you think it is..wanna know more...come to my class, I'll teach you the recipe and techniques!)


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