August 12, 2011

When Disaster Strikes

Saya memang malas nak menaip..hehehee, tapi inilah kisah malang..huwaaaaaaa. Bila eksperimen tak menjadi...sebab kesilapan teknikal, macaron yg selama ini comel, halus mulus....sume jadik 'volcano'...adoiiiii!!

2 batches of my macs turns into this! just the look, the taste is still da same I go for lelong lorrr!

1 pack is RM10, got 10 inside...sapa mau boley order or pick up at my home or I'll be at MMU, Cyberjaya this weekend...hurry, limited stock. All these are flavored shells and fillings. Shella are flavored with - cocoa, green tea, rose and bamboo charcoal. Fillings - choc, peanut butter, butter vanilla and strawberry.

Buy 4 free 1 pack!
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