March 28, 2012

Caramel Cake..Yum!

First attempt! Heard people talking about it, but doesn't have an interest to bake it. Till my lil daughter ask for the correct recipe (or can be consider as foolproof). They enjoy the the soft milky caramel combines with the smooth spongy cake! Ahhh..haven! Keep it refrigerated in an airtight container (good fo about a week..if not dissappear in their tummy..hahahaa), always my family's favourite. Enjoy looking at my pic? Can also enjoy the taste..made to order! Call or SMS me for enquiries 0192701954


Panaskan oven pada suhu 170oC dan sediakan loyang 8”x 3”

Gula hangus - 6 tbsp gula castor, 1 tbsp air. Panaskan gula + air dalam loyang dengan api sederhana sehingga perang/kekuningan dan ketepikan, biarkan gula rata, biar sejuk

Caramel - 3 biji kuning telor, 2 biji telor, 80g gula castor, 1 tin susu cair, 1 tsp esen vanilla. Campurkan semua bahan, kacau hingga gula larut. Tapiskan kedalam loyang gula hangus tadi. Biarkan seketika

Meringue - 6 biji putih telor, 1 tsp cream of tar tar, 50g gula castor. Pukul telor dengan cream of tar tar sehingga kembang (soft peak), masukkan gula, pukul hingga kental dan berkilat

Cake - 3 biji kuning telor, 70g gula castor, 135g air, 50g minyak canola/butter cairkan, 150g tepong, 1 tsp baking powder. Pukul gula, kuning telor, tepung dan air sehingga kembang/naik 2 kali ganda. Masukkan minyak, pukul sehingga rata. Masukkan bahan yang telah menjadi meringue. Bahagikan dan warnakan/perisakan mengikut kesukaan. Tuang selapis-selapis kedalam adunan caramel (jangan dikacau) sehingga habis. Bakar dengan kaedah ‘bain marie’ selama 1 ½ jam atau sehingga kek masak (bila dicucuk dengan cake tester tak melekat). Biarkan seketika (hingga kek lekang dari tepi loyang).
Terbalikkan, enjoyy!

Steam Buttercream Birthday Cakes

What about a steam buttercream (not much steaming done actually), or should it be called 'poured buttercream' instead, because the process is melting a buttercream recipe to a right consistency to be poured, then..tap! tap! it's done! A smooth and soft finish, just pop a few flowers, sugars, marshmallow or your best work of art. I can show you how, come and join my class. Cheers!

March 19, 2012

Rainbow of Life

My rainbow cake adapted from sweetapolita recipe. Though the recipe is using lemon swiss buttercream, I opt to a creamcheese daughter's favourite!

March 16, 2012

Wedding Season

School Holidays! Wedding season! So are my wedding cakes...showcasing one of my favourite wedding cake - out of ordinary well groomed and neat cake...this one if full of colors and is like a bed of colorful roses! Thanks to my customer from Bandar Baru Bangi - Ishqi! Even this is an emergency last minute order...I still put my best effort to get it done to her satisfaction.


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